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Email and Phone Productivity Tools (A-O)

  • ActiveInbox (helps you manage your Gmail account)
  • Attachments.me (helps you find attachments in emails)
  • AwayFind (notifies you when you receive an urgent email)
  • Bliss Control (manage your social network settings)   
  • Boomerang (set email reminders and schedule emails to be sent later)  
  • BrandMyMail (create email templates with customized, live content)
  • Clarity (offers a more efficient way to connect with people over the phone)
  • Customer.io (email your users automatically based on what they do)
  • emailga.me (turns responding to email into a timed game)
  • FollowUp (create email reminders and to do lists)
  • FollowUpThen (creates email reminders)
  • Lost Photos (find photos buried inside your email accounts)
  • Mail Pilot (substantially redesigned and improved UI for handling email)
  • Movable Ink (email apps to insert live content)
  • My Permissions (receive alerts when apps access your information)
  • Notification Control (reduce inbox clutter)
  • OtherInBox (email organizer and unsubscriber)