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Email and Phone Productivity Tools (O-Z)

  • PhilterIt (turn your emails into icons)
  • Postable (create an up-to-date address book)
  • Powerinbox (email apps inside your inbox)
  • Rapportive (get contact profiles right inside Gmail)
  • Sanebox (filters your emails to identify the most important ones)
  • SmarterInbox (manage Gmail contacts and emails)
  • SocialDial (call or text anyone you know on Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Talk To (text any business in the US)
  • Tray.io (checks email and sets up simple rules for action)
  • Unroll.me (unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions)
  • Unsubscribe (unsubscribe from an email or marketing list)
  • UnsubscribeDeals (unsubscribe from daily deals emails)
  • VoiceGem (send a voice mail by email)