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About WebToTheRescue.com

Welcome to WebToTheRescue.com, a completely free and unbiased Entrepreneurship website that I created in response to the global economic downturn of 2008 and the broad-based unemployment and underemployment it created. Even though the Great Recession of 2008 has been officially declared over, there are millions of talented and hard working men and women of all ages who can not find work and remain financially and socially displaced. This site is for them and everyone else who wants to explore their entrepreneurial potential and build a more productive and empowering professional future for themselves and their families.

WebToTheRescue.com is designed for users of all ages and all educational and professional backgrounds, whether you're just beginning your career or you've been working for years. If you have an instinct for self-reliance, this site is for you. It's an easy to use "go to" resource for Entrepreneurship. You'll find everything you need here to launch and grow your venture. You don't need to create an account or even provide your email address. There are no membership levels and nothing is hidden behind a pay wall.

The site is meticulously researched and organized, with everything divided into topics and subtopics. If you are already in business, WebToTheRescue.com can help you deal with the challenges you're facing and help you continue to grow. To build this site, I conducted an exhaustive search for resources to help entrepreneurs - considering thousands, selecting the best and most cost-effective ones, and then organizing them by topic. It’s an ongoing process and I add new resources as I identify them, usually every week. The mission of WebToTheRescue.com is Entrepreneurship for All. To that end, most of the resources that are listed here are free. Please let me know how this site has helped you or if you have any suggestions. I welcome your feedback.